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Elm Spindle Blank

Elm Spindle Blank

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Uses: Milder logs of European elm are generally used in furniture and in joinery. European elm is also known to be used in boatbuilding, general woodworking and for coffin boards, as well as for pallet wood. Whilst European elm can prove challenging to work with, it polishes well and has an attractive appearance and distinctive grain. This makes it the ideal choice for furniture, woodworking and turnery from a design point of view.

General Description: European elm timber is a tough wood that has a closed texture, is twisted in the grain and has a conferring resistance to splitting. Marked distortion may however occur during seasoning. Whilst sapwood of European elm tends to be creamy in colour, the heartwood is a reddish-brown. It also contains clusters of pip-knots within this reddish brown which attractively figure the wood, enhancing its overall appearance. It has an approximate density of 550 kg/m3.

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