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Beech Spindle Blank

Beech Spindle Blank

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Uses: Cabinetmaking, high-class joinery, solid and laminated furniture, desks and work benches, chairmaking, sportswear, woodware, tool handles, turnery, musical instruments, domestic flooring, heavy construction, marine piling, core stock and utility plywood. Sliced veneers have an excellent flecked figure on quartered surfaces and broad rays on longitudinal surfaces and are used for decorative veneering.

General Description: European Beech's heartwood is very pale pink-brown. It is common practice on the continent to steam the timber which turns it to a reddish-brown tone. Some logs have a dark red kern or darker veining. Beech has a straight grain and fine, even texture. Average weight 720 kg/m? (45 lb/ft?); specific gravity .72.

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