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Oak Spindle Blank

Oak Spindle Blank

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Uses: For furniture and cabinetmaking, Slavonian, Volhynian and Spessart (German) oaks are preferred. English oak is best for boat building, dock and harbour work, sea defences, railway wagons, ladder rungs, sills, thresholds, and for all purposes of exposure in contact with the ground. Prime grade European oak is also used for high-class joinery, coffins, ecclesiastical work such as pews, rood screens pulpits, and carving. Flooring , vehicle body bearers and floors in trucks. Oak is rotary cut for plywood manufacture and sliced for very attractive silver grain and raindrop figured oak veneers for panels and cabinets.

General Description: European Oak's heartwood is light tan to biscuit coloured, usually straight grained, but irregular or cross-grained material can occur depending on growth conditions. Characteristic silver grain figure on quartered surfaces due to broad rays. British and Baltic oaks are tough and hard, weighing 720 kg/m3 (45 lb/ft3), but the Volhynian oak of south east Poland, and even milder oak from Croatia known as Slavonian oak weights 670 kg/m3 (42 lb/ft3); specific gravity from .67 to .72 according to type.

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