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Sycamore Spindle Blank

Sycamore Spindle Blank

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Uses: The unique properties of European Sycamore make an ideal wood for use in interior joinery and turnery. Sycamore timber is rarely used for exterior purposes, predominantly found to be used in flooring, worktops and furniture. It is however possible to treat European Sycamore using a process known as thermal modification, in order to allow it to be used for exterior purposes such as cladding.

General Description: European Sycamore is a temperate hardwood that is creamy in colour. With sycamore wood there is no colour difference between the sapwood and its heartwood. Sycamore timber is white, or yellowish-white when freshly cut, with a natural lustre especially noticeable on quarter-sawn surfaces. Sycamore is generally straight grained but may be curvy or wavy grained, and the texture is fine. The average weight is 630 kg/m3 when dried. It is also one of the hardest and strongest pines in existence making it resistant to wear and decay.

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